TripleFantasy v4.0.12 Mod | x100 Attack

February 12, 2019
February 16, 2019
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Name: TripleFantasy

Version: 4.0.12

Root: No


Size: 84MB

TripleFantasy Mod Functions

  • x100 Damage (Attack to monster)

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triple fantasy mod max dmg god

How to install:

For No-Root (Signed APKs):
- Uninstall original game.
- Download and Install modded APK.
- Play :D

For Rooted (UnSigned APKs) click here!

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Game Desctiption
Fight in a fun fantasy game!
#Turns #Card Battle #RPG #Strategies #Fantasy #Pixels #Verticalscreen


A world where imagination has become a reality
- You are the only one who can save the kingdom in trouble!
- Answer the call of the kingdom!

If get the right combination, damage 100 times up
- When getting the combination, attack power UP! UP! UP !
- Combination X Attribute X Skill, simple but deep strategic
- A Strategic Battle!

Dot-picture character
- Lovely dot character
- A wide range of unique "common/rare/hero/legend" cards
- Not just cute! But Nice types of Job-type cards

An easy handled game
- Small data capacity
- One-handed game & Vertical screen
- Free gaming without loading
- Possibility to keep playing at any time, even if you interrupt the game

■ A world of endless adventures!
#Kingdom - Save the threatened kingdom. Feel like a hero!
#Goblin Mines - Brain Power and Strategic farming!
#Arena - Everyone is equal in Arena.. Unpredictable battles with random cards!
#Red Mountains - A chance to obtain a powerful monster card!
#Mad Assistant's Lab - A variety of monsters created by crazy scientists!

※Game available on Android OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and version above
※ Separate charges when purchasing paid items.

■ Community
- Facebook


■ Customer center
 - In-game setting > Customer center