Survival Heroes Gamota – Liên Minh Sinh Tồn v1.0.5 Mod RQ

May 22, 2019
May 22, 2019
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Name: Survival Heroes Gamota - Liên Minh Sinh Tồn

Version: 1.0.5

Size: 88MB

Survival Heroes Gamota - Liên Minh Sinh Tồn Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

Mod map (show enemy on mini map)

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Game Desctiption
Survival Heroes Gamota is the first and only game in Vietnam that combines two of the hottest and most popular game styles, MOBA + Battle royal.
At the beginning of the Game, the player will parachute down a large map but randomly shrinks over time. The task of the player is to collect equipment (Weapons, costumes, items) to survive or defeat other players to the last wave to win the victory.
Join and find immediately a team that joins the MOBA + Survivor arena for free on the phone - super bombs on Mobile in Esport in 2019 - SH Gamota.


*** Diverse game modes ***
Survival Heroes Gamota - SH Gamota has 3 player teams that allow players to play alone, team 2 or alliance with 4 people. In particular, players can participate in other game modes such as Great War, Great War, Random War (Open in fixed time frame of the day) to receive countless free gifts.

*** Diverse weapons - Changing gameplay ***
Warehouse Weapons in Survival Heroes Gamota is the main attraction of the game. Responding to each weapon will have a separate skill set that when the player picks up randomly, the player plays a character with different roles such as Assassin, assassin, gladiator, warrior .. . in MOBA games

*** Rich tactics - Transforming gameplay ***
The key tactical tactic to survive in Survival Heroes Gamota is the use of Weapons in combination with equipment (Jackets, shoes, hats, pants, necklaces, and visions) dropped in the map from monsters or monsters. Item box. Not only the equipment, Survival Heroes Gamota also has a system of extremely rich support items such as (Revenge, speed, speed, fire, trap, ...) will make Survival battles become tense and suffocating to the last moments of life and death.

*** Moba Combining Born - Alliance survivor ***
For the first time, there is a game linking Moba and SH Gamota. You will be rewarded with the senses of survival games such as: Parachuting, loot, running, hiding, hiding,...