GIGA HAVANA v0.0.12 Mod Request

February 19, 2019
February 19, 2019
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Version: 0.0.12

Size: 57MB

GIGA HAVANA Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

x10 DMG

Game Desctiption
This is a game where you have to collect all the bad stuff.

Havana "Havana" peaceful land that is protected by the "Tree of Destiny" tree of fate for a long time. In order to balance Havana, the tree of fate has given birth to the goddess of the land and the devil. Both sides can not deny their own fate. There are more than 13 knights fighting against the Nemesis, a legend of destruction. The battle lasted for over 500 years, but it was not successful. The Nemesis was stronger. "The Tree of Destiny" has given the prophecy, which is the last hope for Havana. The daughter of "Leah" "Heren", the 14th generation, is a sealed "Nemesis". The prophecy has spread widely. Those who know the word, find her "Heren" and her young daughter. As a mother, she can not afford to give up her beloved daughter. She sacrificed herself to destroy the Nemesis. With the strength of the battle between Heren and Nemesis, the explosive power of the enormous. The souls are reincarnated as powerful knights in the name of "Master Linkers". They spread out over every place of "Havana" to protect the land.

"Giga Havana" Havana Tournament, a popular fantasy RPG from Korea. Anime Pictures and HD Effects With the Guardian of the 100 "Havana" (Havana) download and then protect the land together.

★ Login to play "Giga Havana" Los Havansa with Facebook, Google, Guest
   - Get hero (Hero) 3 stars for free, just login for 28 days.
   - Enter the game every day, free items and special bonuses, souls, souls, warriors (knight) every day.
★ anime character The beauty is not second to none.
   - Full HD character design, no matter where you look. It is a beautiful oppa oppa (OPPA)
   - The sharp Dolby effect recognizes the emotional battle.
★ User interface is easy to use.
   - UI is easy to use at all levels. Easy to...