Cuồng Ma Chí Tôn v2.9.0 Mod RQ

June 11, 2019
June 11, 2019
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Name: Cuồng Ma Chí Tôn

Version: 2.9.0

Size: 95MB

Cuồng Ma Chí Tôn Request Mod Functions

NOTE: This game is being RQ mod

One hit mod KNB

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Game Desctiption
Welcome to join the world of the most colorful, full-featured games ever of all three types of games of life, martial arts and first half. Mobile Game 2019 unique "PK is not due to force" but based on the skill and calculation of the player.

1. Getting rich is not difficult - Free trading without worry:
For the first time in the history of Role Playing Games, free transactions are encouraged by the Publisher, all for the benefit and desire of gamers.
Hunting virtual items - Make real money, the items you lost to plow hoe can trade freely in the game without worrying about fees.

2. Boss hunting linked server - You unite all servers:
The game has many Boss modes: Personal Boss, World Boss, Vice Boss, Boss of the Association. . . with about 70 different Bosses. Especially the unique Boss-linked server hunting system that has never been seen before with the fierce PK inter-server battle between clusters of servers together to gain the right to hunt Boss. Where all the magnificent, the sects joined together for the purpose of hunting Boss.
Random drop system makes people plow the chance to find rare items through Boss hunting.

3. Rich fashion - Cam Doan does not touch:
The system of fashion characters, mounts, magic weapons, legal skills ... extremely majestic and fashionable, alternating between the style of Asian martial arts swordplay and European role-playing style. Fantasy Hoa Fashion is not only a feature to show the fashion style of players, but also increases the combat force index significantly, expressing exactly 3 POINTS - BEAUTY - STRONG.

4. The relationship between love and friendship - Increasing the battle force:
Playing games for bears is no longer a fairy tale but a reality in the game Cuong Ma Chi Ton. You can both get married bears in the game and help both of you gain considerable combat power and get love buffs that increase 10% of damage when both are online. There are many other interesting...