Name: D×2 真・女神転生 リベレーション【戦略バトルRPG】

Version: 2.3.01

Root: No


Size: 63MB

D×2 真・女神転生 リベレーション【戦略バトルRPG】 Mod Functions

  • x100 DMG
  • God Mode
  • Menu Mod

How to install:

For No-Root (Signed APKs):
- Uninstall original game.
- Download and Install modded APK.
- Play :D

For Rooted (UnSigned APKs) click here!

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Game Desctiption
Strategy battle RPG optimized as a smart game while following the real pleasure of the "true · goddess reincarnation" series such as summon, negotiate, demon combination and 3D dungeon!

■ Strategic RPG system unique to megatten series is enriched!
Megaten familiar "press turn battle" adopted as a battle system.
By striking the weaknesses of the enemies, the battle situation dominates, and conversely, the battle situation turns into a dilet at a stroke by being defeated by weak points.
With this distinctive system, you can enjoy a strategic and tense battle!

"Negotiate" that you can talk to enemy devils and make it a match!
Demons encountered can be negotiated into demon (friend) of ally.
Let's draw interest and sympathy and build a friendly relationship with talks tailored to the type of devil!
Adopting original system tailored to the tempo feel of the smartphone.

"Devil coalesce" that can strengthen demons!
It is possible to combine the devils and create a new devil.
Make your own powerful demon according to the strategy of the battle!

■ New element unique to the smartphone!
New elements · new elements such as training elements such as "incarnation" and "awakening", unique combining laws including "archetypes", "battle assist" which assists at battle among players, and so on!

■ RPG system that is safe also for those who are new to megatten series!
Enhanced AUTO function and double speed function!
Of course, those who are not familiar with smaho's RPG game can enjoy it as well as those who are not experienced in "true · goddess reincarnation" series!

■ Satan CG beyond the smartphone game!
Completely reproduce the familiar demon with high quality CG model!
Among the devils that appeared, this time, the devil that will become 3D's first in the series will also be...